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We can host groups from 9 - 100 guests in our private rooms.

Please fill out the form below to inquire about private dining with our Director of Events, Jessica Redd, CMP



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Milano Room

This room can be encapsulated within the following phrase:  Thoroughly Modern Milano, because the overall decor is reminiscent of Italy's fashion capital. The Milano room is perfect for any dining occasion and incorporates square or long tables within a setting that evokes Milan's cosmopolitan energy.

Capacity: 28 Seated | 40 Cocktail

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Roman Room

The Roman Room pays homage to Italy's Eternal City and can transcend any dining event into an evening of romance. The room as an intimate feel yet has a generous seating capacity of 28. The Roman Room is ideal for fine dining and will make any occasion an affair to remember.

Capacity: 28 Seated | 40 Cocktail

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Capri Room

Stepping onto Italy's isle of Capri, one is instantly captivated by a mixture of aromas that include indigenous basil, marjoram, oregano, parsley and thyme, The Capri Room captures the island's essence by being situated neat the restaurant's main bar where fragrant beverages and foods are being consumed. The room serves as a destination much like the island for which it is named.

Capacity: 28 Seated | 40 Cocktail

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Milano Roman Capri

The deluxe room where all our private dining areas become one large space. Enjoy the nice views to our outdoor patio which can also be reserved upon request. 

Capacity: 100 Seated | 120 Cocktail

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Padrino Room

An intimate gathering space with flat screen TV and working fireplace. Fully private and cozy. Great for business dinners or something more intimate. 

Capacity: 18 Seated | 40 Cocktail

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Solo Mio

Normally kept exclusive for members only, the ultimate in dining elegance with closed door privacy. You will feel like you are eating under the moonlit sky in Italy. Francesco (owner of Ferrari's) opens his private room to those who want to enjoy a meal the Italian way.

Capacity: 22 Seated | 25 Cocktail

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Baci Room

The Baci Room is fully private and represents the epitome of elegant dining and can best be described as the Kiss of the Chef. The room is ensconced within a corner of the restaurant. The Baci Room features a private call button and is perfect for circumstances where privacy is preferred.

Capacity: 9 Seated

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The Piazza

The Ferrari’s outdoor patio is a gorgeous, flora filled outdoor terrace featuring Roman columns.  The space includes a lighted gazebo at one end that makes it the perfect location for wedding ceremonies.  The patio also features direct access to the Roman, Milano and Capri rooms making transition to other meals or events seamless.

Capacity: 60 Seated | 100 Cocktail


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Main Dining Room

Sidecar Tavern

Cool, fun and offers direct access to the main bar and fireplace patio.

Capacity: 30 Seated | 40 Cocktail

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Fireplace Patio

Sidecar Tavern

Gorgeous, private patio space featuring a stone fireplace, seating with a fire pit, twinkle lights, caged lanterns, and TVs.  A beautiful space for a gathering.

Capacity: 20 Seated | 60 Cocktail

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Babbo Room

Sidecar Tavern

Casual, private room with 2 large booths and 3 TVs. Perfect for an intimate reception or gathering of friends.

Capacity: 30 Seated | 30 Cocktail

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Beer Garden Patio

Sidecar Tavern

Our beautiful, huge outdoor patio.  Features multiple areas for seating, a fire pit, a bar and even room to play games and watch TVs.  Enjoy the twinkle lights at night to really bring the party atmosphere alive. 

Capacity: 100 Seated | 250 Cocktail